One day, Rhisis drew energies from three aspects of herself and created the Three Clown Gods.

She created Bubble, who represented Rhisis' joy and purity.

She created Shade, who represented her fear and rage.

She created Iblis, who represented nothing more than her apathy and neutrality.

Shade, feeding on the very aspect she was created from—Rhisis' anger, set about to destroy Roika and the mortals who lived there. She furiously severed a section of Roika and sent it afloat. She had hoped that the people living on this chunk of continent would soon perish. However, this chunk of land became known as Madrigal, and with their own ingenuity and the help of the Dwarpets, the Humans survived, rebuilt their cities, and began to strive once more.

Shade, enraged that she had failed, created a race of creatures known as Masquerpets. She sent them to destroy the people of Madrigal.

Hearing the sounds of battle and disapproving of Shade's actions, Bubble knew he had to intervene. He struck out at the Masquerpets with such might that he split Madrigal into 3 main continents and scattered the Masquerpets throughout them.

Iblis, uncaring, simply watched and did nothing.

Not much is remembered from this time, but Ancient stories speak of eight brave Heroes that stood up to Shade and her Masquerpet army. It is said that they sacrificed their own lives to defend the inhabitants of Madrigal, succeeded, and that the mortals of Madrigal had won.

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